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Ammo-01 Conventional Ammunition Orientation (9E-F62/920-F30) 23189
Ammo-4 Ammunition Demilitarization (9E-F63/920-F31) 32237
Ammo-10-DL Ammunition Quality Assurance (9E-F62/920-F29 (DL)) 54270
Ammo-12 Ammunition Storage (4E-F22/645-F9 (MC)) 29992
Ammo-14 Ammunition Surveillance (4E-F31/645-F15) 21433
Ammo-18-DL Basics of Naval Explosives Hazard Control (CERT) (4E-F29/645-F13 (DL)) 249817
Ammo-28 Army Electrical Explosives Safety (CERT) (4E-F32/645-F16 (MC)) 23314
Ammo-28-DL Army Electrical Explosives Safety (CERT) (4E-F33/645-F17 (DL)) 41715
Ammo-29 Navy Electrical Explosives Safety (CERT) (4E-F34/645-F18 (MC)) 52019
Ammo-29-DL Navy Electrical Explosives Safety (CERT) (4E-F35/645-F19 (DL)) 75060
Ammo-31-DL Environmental Considerations for Ammunition Personnel (9E-F64/920-F32 (DL)) 65337
Ammo-33 Explosives Safety and Environmental Risk Management (CERT) (9E-F65/920-F33 (MC)) (CERT) 29385
Ammo-36 Explosives Safety for Naval Facility Planning (CERT) (4E-F36/645-F20 (MC)) 46308
Ammo-36-DL Explosives Safety for Naval Facility Planning (CERT) (4E-F51/645-F35 (DL)) 28275
Ammo-37-DL General Transportation of Hazardous Materials Refresher (CERT) (9E-F66/920-F34 (DL)) 138433
Ammo-38 Guided Missiles and Large Rockets (4E-F66/645-F50) 17064
Ammo-43 Intermodal Dry Cargo Container/ CSC Reinspection (CERT) (8A-F60/551-F52 (MC)) 62314
Ammo-43-DL Intermodal Dry Cargo Container/(CSC) Reinspection (CERT) (8A-F62/551-F54 (DL)) 300469
Ammo-45-DL Introduction to Ammunition (CERT) (9E-F67/920-F35 (DL)) 731526
Ammo-47 Air Force Electrical Explosive Safety (CERT) (4E-F37/645-F21 (MC)) 37980
Ammo-47-DL Air Force Electrical Explosive Safety (4E-F38/645-F22 (DL)) 28851
Ammo-49-DL Naval Explosives Safety Managers/Supervisors Orientation (CERT) (4E-F39/645-F23 (DL)) 114675
Ammo-51-MV-DL Naval Motor Vehicle Inspection (CERT) (4E-F42/645-F26 (DL)) 115389
Ammo-51-MV/RC Naval Motor Vehicle and Railcar Inspection (CERT) (4E-F40/645-F24 (MC)) 40721
Ammo-51-MV Naval Motor Vehicle Inspection (CERT) (4E-F41/645-F25 (MC)) 31468
Ammo-51-RC-DL Naval Railcar Inspection (CERT) (4E-F43/645-F27 (DL)) 31178
Ammo-54 Risk Management and Preparation of SOPs for Ammunition and Explosive Operations (CERT) (9E-F60/950-F39) 24325
Ammo-54-DL Risk Management and Preparation of SOPs for Ammunition and Explosive Operations (CERT) (9E-F68/920-F36 (DL)) 54996
Ammo-60 Technical Ammunition (4E-F23/645-F10 (MC)) 32116
Ammo-62 Technical Transportation of Hazardous Materials (CERT) (9E-F58/322-F37 (MC)) 305506
Ammo-63-DL U.S. Army Explosives Safety Familiarization (CERT) (4E-F44/645-F28 (DL)) 215708
Ammo-64-DL Class V Issue and Turn-In Procedures for Using Units (4E-F45/645-F29 (DL)) 157381
Ammo-65 DOD Contractor's Explosives Safety Standards 24548
Ammo-66-DL Radiation Safety (4K-F30/494-F35 (DL)) 44825
Ammo-67-DL HAZMAT Familiarization/Safety in Trans (Cert) (9E-F69/920-F37 (DL)) 1069137
Ammo-68-DL Military Munitions Rule (CERT) (4E-F46/645-F30 (DL)) 229492
Ammo-71-DL Ammunition Tools and Equipment (4E-F47/645-F31 (DL)) 16475
Ammo-74 Explosives Safety Officer Orientation Course (CERT) (4E-F48/645-F32 (MC)) 39561
Ammo-75-DL Ammunition Physical Security (4E-F49/645-F33 (DL)) 45196
Ammo-76-DL Identification of Ammunition (4E-F50/645-F34 (DL)) 44021
Ammo-77-ART-DL Artillery Ammunition (4E-F52/645-F36 (DL)) 27168
Ammo-77-B-DL Bombs (4E-F53/645-F37 (DL)) 13544
Ammo-77-CP-DL Cartridge Actuated Devices and Propellant Actuated Devices (CAD/PAD) (4E-F54/645-F38 (DL)) 18533
Ammo-77-CPE-DL Characteristics of Propellant and Explosives (4E-F55/645-F39 (DL)) 14498
Ammo-77-DM-DL Demolition Materials (9E-F61/322-F38 (DL)) 13315
Ammo-77-G-DL Grenades (4E-F56/645-F40 (DL)) 13504
Ammo-77-LM-DL Land Mines (4E-F57/645-F41 (DL)) 12349
Ammo-77-P-DL Propellant (4E-F58/645-F42 (DL)) 12962
Ammo-77-PY-DL Pyrotechnics (4E-F59/645-F43 (DL)) 13677
Ammo-77-RK-DL Rockets (4E-F60/645-F44 (DL)) 13639
Ammo-77-SAA-DL Small Arms Ammunition (4E-F61/645-F45 (DL)) 18445
Ammo-78-DL Ammunition Publications (CERT) (4E-F62/645-F46 (DL)) 40136
Ammo-79-DL Ammunition Drawings (4E-F63/645-F47 (DL)) 16136
Ammo-82 U.S. Army Explosives Safety Quantity Distance and Site Planning (CERT) (4E-F24/431-F8) 23248
Ammo-86-DL Transportation of Radioactive Materials (4K-F31/494-F36 (DL)) 18796
Ammo-87-DL Military Munitions Response Program (MMRP) 9212
Ammo-90-DL Munitions Response Site Prioritization Protocol (MRSPP) 4871
Ammo-97-DL Munitions History Program (MHP) (4E-F64/645-F48 (DL)) 33730
Ammo-99-DL Application of US Army ESQD Principles (CERT) (4E-F65/645-F49 (DL)) 26670
Ammo-100-DL Army Explosives Safety Site Planning (CERT) (4E-F25/431-F9 (DL)) 29905
Ammo-101-DL Tutorial for Using DDESB Approved Automated QD Calculator (Army) 15403
Ammo-102-DL Tutorial for Using DDESB Approved Automated QD Calculator (Air Force, Navy, Marines) 17185
Ammo-104-DL ES Awareness in MN Operations for Commanders 9401
Ammo-105-DL ES Awareness in MN Operations for Technical Staff 10084
Ammo-107-DL Introduction to Explosives Safety Management for Safety Professionals (CERT) (4E-F26/431-F10 (DL)) 48674
Ammo-108-DL Ammo Handlers (CERT) (4E-F27/645-F11 (DL)) 189408
Ammo-112-DL Ammunition & Explosives Storage Safety (CERT) (4E-F28/645-F12 (DL)) 34937
PACK-1B Military Preservation and Packaging for Storage and Shipment (CERT) (Phase 2) (8A-F61/551-F53) 46472