Ammo-105-DL ES Awareness in MN Operations for Technical Staff

Description: Upon successful completion of this course, students will be aware of explosives safety management requirements in multinational (MN) operations, how to work within MN partnerships, know the fundamental considerations for MN operations, the intent of explosives safety management (ESM), and how to properly apply explosives safety standards identified in AASTP-1 and AASTP-5. All of which will prepare students for working in MN environments that require communicating and working with partners from different nations.

Length: Approximately two hours.

Audience: Technical staff includes explosives safety officers, ammunition specialists, personnel who are involved in the Explosives Safety Site Planning process and prepare risk assessments, facility planners, and other personnel involved in explosives safety activities.

Prerequisites: None

Security Clearance: None required.

Course Topics:

  1. Explosives Safety Management
  2. Nature of Multinational Operations
  3. Multinational Operations
  4. Command and Technical Staff Responsibilities
  5. Purpose and Use of AASTP-1 and AASTP-5