Ammo-101-DL Tutorial for Using DDESB Approved Automated QD Calculator (Army)

Scope/Description: This course provides instruction on the use of the DDESB approved Excel spreadsheet based Automated QD Calculator. Given a potential explosion site/exposed site relationship, the calculator can accurately determine either the minimum required separation distance for any net explosives weight for quantity distance purposes (NEWQD), or given a separation distance, the maximum NEWQD limit. It's applicable to HD 1.1 through 1.4. The calculator is intended to provide much more accurate distances or NEWQD than using the QD tables alone.

Special Info/Audience: Army personnel (active duty, Reserve, Guard, civilian, contractor) who may be required to perform or review quantity-distance computations. This could include, but is not limited to, safety professionals, facility engineers, installation master planners, range control, explosives operations managers, Quality Assurance Specialists (Ammunition Surveillance) (who have not been engaged in site planning situations), Ammunition Managers (who have not been engaged in site planning situations) involved with developing or reviewing explosives safety site plan requests.

Prerequisites: Students with little or no ammunition and explosives background, or who have not been involved with U. S. Army explosives Quantity-distance situations are strongly encouraged to take Ammo-99-DL, Application of U. S. Army Explosives Safety Quantity-Distance Principles, prior to taking this course to gain a sound understanding of explosives quantity-distance principles and terms.

Length: Self-paced

Security Clearance: None required

Course Topics:

  1. Introduction to the QD calculator
  2. Using the Army matrix to establish protection levels
  3. Compute HD 1.1 ESQD requirements
  4. Compute HD 1.2X ESQD requirements
  5. Compute HD 1.3 and 1.4 ESQD requirements