MCBH Kaneohe, HI (lodging)

Point of Contact: Scott Ebert, ESO; Phone: (DSN) 457-1830, (COML) (808) 257-1830

Quick SITREP for MCHH base access:  If personnel attending upcoming Ammo 36, 29, or 51 are a DOD civilian, active duty/reservist or dependent, they will be able to simply show there CAC at the gate and be granted base access.  If they are DOD contractor (non-MCBH), or civilian non DOD affiliated, please contact the POC listed above with their names/ contact info for inclusion on a base access form.  Those requiring sponsorship will need to arrive earlier on the first day of class to meet at the front gate pass house and obtain a pass good for the duration of their course.

Lodging: Visit the following sites for the latest lodging information:

Maps and Directions: Download the PDF file below.

Map and Driving Directions