Ammo-65 DOD Contractor's Explosives Safety Standards

Description: This course focuses on the requirements of DOD 4145.26, DOD Contractor's Safety Manual for Ammunition and Explosives. The course addresses those safety requirements peculiar to explosives operations performed under contract to the DOD, at both contractor and government-owned facilities. Also addressed is contractor operations and contractual safety requirements, which will help managers, supervisors, and safety professionals understand, interpret, and uniformly apply the contract safety requirements of the DOD contractors Safety Manual. A field trip to a Defense contractor production facility is included as part of the course.

Length: 1 Week

Audience: Defense contractor personnel possessing contracts involving explosives, ammunition, and/or devices containing explosives.

Prerequisites: None.

Security Clearance: None required.

Availability: This course is presented by Training and Consulting, Inc. (TCI). For more information on course location, schedule, and tuition, contact TCI directly at (703) 530-7735 or access their web site at