Ammo-13 Ammunition Supply and Inventory

Description: This course provides a working knowledge of ammunition inventory and supply management procedures.

The supply section of this course provides a comprehensive overview of the systems associated with the requisition and issue of ammunition, asset, reporting, item management, and other aspects of ammunition supply. Students will learn the relationship ammunition supply has with other logistical functions, such as inventory, storage, production, procedures, maintenance, and disposal.

Students develop an understanding of the principles, policies, organizations, and techniques necessary to attain an efficient and reliable accountability and inventory management system at the wholesale level. This course provides an overview of the ammunition supply system and basic storage practices to include planographs and gridding.

This course is identified for attendance by International Military Students through provisions of AR 12-15.

Required Equipment: Students are required to bring safety shoes and clothing suitable for field conditions. Field conditions only apply to one day during the course.  Clothing for all other days must comply with the dress code.

Length: 3 days

Audience: Students enrolled in the Ammunition Management Intern Program as defined in AR-690-950 and students requiring a basic knowledge of ammunition inventory and accountability.

Prerequisites: None.

Security Clearance: None required.

Course Topics:
1. Introduction to Ammunition Supply
2. Planographs, Gridding, and Ammunition Data Cards
3. Accountability
4. Inventory Operations
5. Assessments